WILDING X WHY collaborates with a global network of diverse practitioners, to spark new ideas in the company of artists, activists, and community members for cultural masterplans and urban parks to private gardens and experimental installations. We look beyond traditional associations of landscape and planting, exploring wider ideas of how we inhabit open space, seeking to reveal and repair the beauty of our environment through a felt connection with natural processes, plants/material, and people to bring a new visual language of landscape for health, well-being and value to communities.​

Central to the WILDING X WHY approach is the paradigm of Art & Wilding: a way of aligning natural growth patterns, spontaneous creativity and artistry to activism.  Wilding, as method for restoring biodiversity in depleted environments, has dramatic implications for the health of our cities and ecological networks at large. But it is also a celebration of creative agency, fostering the impulse for self-expression which rises in correlation to our physical and mental health.

Landscape is redefined as wilding – a way of un-taming the built environment to bring in the elemental beauty of biodiversity, natural life cycles, and geological time. To experience and take delight in these environments is to recognize our own underlying wildness – the roots of individual creativity and the ties which bind us to the earth we inhabit – wilding restores our connection to where we stand.

By introducing elements of wildness and artistry into our lives, WILDING X WHY defines environments where communities can flourish and biodiversity thrives – whether a park, a plaza, or a cultural district. The result is a holistic vision of health, resiliency, wit and creativity, where we live in close connection to the world around us.